Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Perogy Boyz

Eastern European Sausage. Gourmet Perogy's. Mobile. That's all you need to know about it right now. Everyone... Say Hello to Perogy Boyz coming Summer 2011.

Food trucks are making their way to our city (it's about time, I mean there are places in Utah that have Cupcake mobiles... catch-up Cow Town!) so that's exciting. I love street food. There's something wonderful and a little barbaric about it. And Perogy's? That's damn near exciting. I'd be way more likely to eat that then a hot dog after a night at the bar.

The PB (Perogy Boyz) are having a private and now officially full menu tasting party in a few weeks at Taste. I'm sure that shortly after that they'll be hitting the street. There isn't a date yet but I'm sure I'll be the first to know.


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