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The "Choose Yer Own" Festival

Choose Yer Own is a festival based on sweet adventure, and built around a love for Calgary and the many great projects that happen here. It is about being able to “choose yer own” level of involvement, because feeling like you belong to a place is so important to caring about it. It is about actively creating the culture that your want to live in.

Choose Yer Own, Calgary!

2011 events!

A printable and nicer-looking schedule is up under “schedule”!

Choose Yer Own ClubhouseA chill space to hang out, drink some punch, and plan your days! Open (almost) everyday of Choose Yer Own from 10am – 1pm, with free breakfast provided.
Friday through Sunday from 10am – 1pm. Go down the alley off of 16th st between 12th and 13th ave SW.

Bike borrowing + fix – uppingIf your bike is in rough shape or if you don’t even have one, stop by the Goodlife Community Bike shop and they will help you out! They have a limited number of library bike specifically for Choose Yer Own, if you need to borrow one email kerry at to reserve one!
Open: Mon – Wed 10am – 6pm, Thurs 10am – 12pm, Fri 12pm – 8pm, Sat 10 am – 6pm, Sun 11am – 5pm.(2nd ave and 2nd st SW)

Calgary SweetsA treasure-hunt of favourite places, ceramic cupcakes will be hidden around Calgary in people’s beloved Calgary spaces. Clues are posted on-line for you to go find the cupcake and the place, then re-hide and re-clue a new place of your choosing.

Mini Golf!
Make yer own custom putter, throw on a costume (if you wanna!) and play through our hand-made mini-golf course in the halls, nooks and crannies of the Epcor Centre.
noon – 4pm in the Epcor Centre for the performing arts (entrance at 8th ave between 1st st and macleod tr. SE, by Olympic Plaza).

Analog Projection Workshop and After-school Snacks
Drop by to learn about analog projections (overheads! shadow puppets! etc!) and make a contribution to the East Village Art Walk (see below…). Fuel your creativity with ants on a log and a freezie pop.
4 – 6pm, The Pile of Dirt (629 7th ave SE)

Noise Musician Roulette
Like a junior league hockey raffle without the outfits! Come by (bring instruments if you got ‘em), toss your name in a hat, and play some noise! quiet or loud.
7 – 9pm, at Hume House (1507 6th st SW).

Backyard Screening, Roast and Sleepover!
Pitch your tent or unroll your sleeping bag in the backyard of a big yellow house for an all-night campout! Sweet animations (by the Quickdraw Animation Society), hot dogs and smores!
9pm – sometime the next day, at the Yellow House (1716 7th st SW)

Clubhouse Breakfast
Start your day off right with scones, juice and friends! all free. Plan your day and get some fiber.
10am – 1pm, at the Choose Yer Own Clubhouse (Go down the alley off of 16th st between 12th and 13th ave SW)

Pajama Making Workshop
Skipped out on Home Ec.? Interested in dinosaur-print flannel loungewear? Learn the art of pajama-making from a mother of four.
RSVP by emailing!
5pm – whenever, at the Local Library (131 7th Ave SW. Entrance is from the alley behind the church).

Diorama-Making Workshop
What spooks you? Work through your fears with the latest self-help technique: diorama therapy. Recreate your nightmares in hot glue, felt and cardboard. Various sized boxes will accommodate the scope of your terror (PG-13 please!). We’ll display the results at the Spooky Show (see below).
5pm – Whenever, at the Local Library (131 7th Ave SW. Entrance is from the alley behind the church)

Family Band Concert!
The family that plays together stays together. Come see some very talented families put on a show in the lovely side chapel at Central United Church. If you belong to a musical family yourself, drop us a line at to sign up!
7 – 9pm, the Chapel at Central United (same building as the Local Library, 131 7th Ave SW. Entrance is from the alley behind the church)

Musical: The Musical!
Meta good times with abstracted cardboard props. Sound too intellectual for a Friday evening? Don’t worry, this musical about a musical will be funny and there is a love triangle.
9 – 9:30pm, in the Gym at Local Library (131 7th Ave SW. Entrance is from the alley behind the church)

A Charlie Brown Choosemas
Warm, fuzzy mid-winter vibes in the gym at Local Library. A staged reenactment of A Charlie Brown Christmas, complete with live soundtrack.
9:30 – 10:30pm, in the Gym of local Library (131 7th Ave SW. Entrance is from the alley behind the church)

Firefly Adventure Club
Help us make jars of fireflies to illuminate an underappreciated area. Materials provided. for more rad and nerdy info!
11pm – midnight, join the 11pm bike convoy from the Local Library, or follow the fireflies from 4th st and 26th ave SW. 

Covers Under a Bridge III: Showtunes
Local musicians perform under cover of night. Hear classic showtunes performed by moonlight instead of spotlight in this off-off-off-broadway production.
Midnight. Map to the secret location available at the Local Library, or join the bike convoy that departs following “a Charlie Brown Choosmas”


Clubhouse Breakfast
When choosing one’s own adventure, a full stomach is essential. Get your most important meal of the day and plan your shenanigans with pals.
10am – 1pm, at the Choose Yer Own Clubhouse (Go down the alley off of 16th st between 12th and 13th ave SW)

People Watching
Take a closer look at people in relation to how they interact with others in their surrounding environment. Disrupt preconceptions and stereotypes in a totally non-creepy way, we promise.
noon, meet at the statue of the two business men on steven ave and 1st st sw.

Walk Stop
Calgary’s own Ministry of Walking (MOW) invites participants to join in a meandering bipedal journey through the East Village. Learn how to incorporate the practice of walking in your daily life!
1pm, in front of The Seafood Market (630 7th ave SE)

Endure: A Marathon of the Mind
Run a marathon while lying down. No pesky training, effort or activewear required. Choose Yer Own-branded sweatbands and towels provided, but bring yer own headphones if you are squeamish about that kind of thing.
2 – 5pm, on some grass near the Pumphouse Theatre.

Duct Tape Duels
Make your own padded sword and wage war against friend and foe to the sounds of pummeling drums.
1 – 4pm, at Prince’s Island Park (not the part where Afrikadey! is, though that will be awesome too)

Playground Games
Join your fellow perpetual children for a round of sunny, cooperative games.
1 – 4pm, at Prince’s Island Park (not the part where Afrikadey! is, though that will be awesome too)

Punkrock Boombox
A Tour de Calgary, soundtracked by punk rock cassettes. Bring your tapes and practice your headbanging-while-peddling.
5 – 6pm, departing from where Endure: Marathon of the Mind.

Secret Picnic Spot
Pack your own picnic and follow the punk rock boom box to… a secret picnic spot! Secret guest bands too!
6 – 9pm, follow Punkrock Boombox to get there.

Tubby ShowIf you are hungry but not up for a bike ride, maybe you want to go enjoy some rad bands and eat hot dogs instead? Also awesome. Playing are: The Polyshores, Stalwart Sons, and Feel Alright.
6 – 9pm, at Tubby Dog

Jurassic Park: The Ride
Universal Studios comes North! Follow a tour guide through the Jurrasic Park of your dreams. Raptor shooting range, full-sized inflatable garbage bag dinos, suspense and mystery… it will be the best!!! Bring your bikes or something to roll on.
9 – 10pm – be on time! Meet on the East side of the Simmons Mattress building in the East Village 610 confluence way SE (that big old building right along the bike path)

Live Bait
An after dark projection tour of the East Village. Self-guided: meet at The Pile of Dirt (Across from the Seafood Market) for a map, and get up to some explorin’.
10 – 11pm. Meet at The Pile of Dirt (629 7th ave SE)

Spooky Show!
Just a whole pile of spooky stuff going down all at once. Bands, tour of a haunted storage basement, make yer own sound effects, movies… Come get scared!
11pm – 1am, Cantos Music Foundation (134 11th ave SE)

Insomniac’s Art Party
Stay up making art all night with Bogdan, who believes that insomnia and art go together like dogs and bones. Whatever state your skill is in and whatever form it takes, come spend the night making art, watching movies and cooking food, in an attempt to focus on the relationship between insomnia and art.
11pm – 11am, the Untitled Art Society (319 10th ave Sw – 4th floor)

Monkey Pleasure Dome
A chill place for people to have nice massages, brush each other’s hair, and get creative with face paint. The level of intimacy will be safe – the kind  that we normally don’t have with each other but that is quite harmless, like occurs in socially acceptable places like at the hairdresser’s.
11pm – 11am, the Untitled Art Society (319 10th ave SW4th floor)


Clubhouse Breakfast
By this point in the festival, you oughta know the drill. Get fed!
10:30am – 1pm, at the Choose Yer Own Clubhouse (Go down the alley off of 16th st between 12th and 13th ave SW)

Street Art Seminar
Discuss the joys, history, and context of street art with a local lover of the art form.
11am – 1pm, Choose Yer Own Clubhouse (1722 13th ave SW)

Toddler Dance – Off  2.0: this time we’ll get it rightKids come show your stuff!! This year will feature splendid electronic beats, some Disney gems, an experienced dance-off leader, prizes, and better signage!
1 – 3pm, Connaught Park (11th st and 14th ave SW)
Chews Yer Own: Sushi!Did you know that food carts come to Calgary this very week? Consider this a celebration of our streets just getting way more delicious.
1 – 3pm, Connaught Park (11th st and 14th ave SW)

Busking Concert
Wanna put on a show but lack a venue? Solution: stage your concert as a series of buskers! Drop by to learn how, and listen to some streetside tunes.
noon – 5pm, somewhere along Steven Avenue

.Gif Yer Own
Bring your laptop and learn how to make an animated .gif! Amazing. If you want you can also add your .gif to the .gif exchange happening later, see below.
2 – 5pm, John Snow House (915 18th ave SW)

Make Yer Own INSTRUMENTS!Learn how to use peices of junk to make the best instruments ever!! I don’t know what they will be exactly, but i do know they will be amazing.
RSVP to, as space is very limited.
3 – 5pm, the Local Library (131 7th Ave SW. Entrance is from the alley behind the church)

Guerilla Marching Band!Use the instruments you made at the workshop or bring your own, strap on some  ribbons and epaulets (we’ll have those), and follow the beat of a bass drum down the side streets of your home town! Yeah!!
4:30 – 6pm, departing from the Local Library and ending up at Wrassle Mania.

The world’s greatest outdoor sports entertainment event!! Hotdogs, drama, live soundtrack, roped ring, pyrotechnics…. Rumour even has it that Brett “The Hitman” Heart might show up. WILL YOU BE THERE OR WHAT!
6 – 10pm, rumble dome (backyard at 1513 10th st SW)

Pool of OOBLEKPossibly your only chance to ever walk on water.
6 – 10pm, rumble dome (backyard at 1513 10th st SW)

.Gif ExchangeA lovely chill way to end your night, especially if you wrassled too hard all weekend. There will be animated .gifs all around the house, interacting with each other and the houses many small spaces.
10pm – midnight, at the John Snow House (915 18th ave SW)

also at JSH:

Calgary Sweets FinaleFor those of you who participated in Calgary Sweets and those of you who didn’t, also, here is the chance to eat some real cupcakes and talk about all of the favourite places people submitted, plus others people didn’t get a chance to. Yum,
10pm – Midnight, at the John Snow House (915 18th ave SW)

hope your weekend has been the best!

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