Friday, August 26, 2011

I Had an Epiphanie

Little Masterpieces. That is what these chocolates are. Epiphanie Chocolates. Candy for the eye,  candy for the mouth. Different flavors come and go with the seasons. Fresh BC Cherries are brought in, chopped loving by hand and encased in mouth water chocolate. The flavor is anything but processed. It's subtle, a little sweet a little sour and just delicious. and once the Cherries are gone so are the chocolates.  Passion fruit, ginger, earl gray, caramel, mint (just to list a few). The flavors are as beautiful as they look.

Family owned, here in Calgary, the chocolates are lovingly made by Debra. Her husband is often in the store, showcasing his wifes master pieces, treating each chocolate like a child.

During Christmas I like to get a mug of the rich, hot, coco they offer. Never too sweet and sometimes even spicy. A simple bow is all that is needed to dress up the box. Nothing to take away from the beauty that greets the eyes when the box is opened.


Epiphanie Chocolate
Retail Location:

1049 40 Avenue Northwest
Calgary, AB
(403) 370-4592

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