Friday, October 21, 2011

Doc Soup launches with powerful film that documents war on and off the battle field

The first installment of the DocSoup series will feature the acclaimed film HELL AND BACK AGAIN, which follows a young wounded marine from the battle fields of Afghanistan through his subsequent rehabilitation process. This film provides a powerful, unique, and intimate portrayal of the effects of war and the real battle soldiers must face when they come home.
This film is coming off a World Cinema Jury Prize win at the 2011 Sundance film festival and has been toted as "One of the greatest war films of this generation." by AMC's It's not to be missed.

Two of CIFF’s most popular films to have their theatrical debuts in Calgary!

WIEBO'S WAR chronicles the leader’s close-knit Christian community in northern Alberta – the infamous Wiebo Ludwig – and his long struggle with the local oil & gas industry. The documentary sheds light on the family’s fascinatingly complex situation. It will be screening at the Plaza from October 22 – 26. Check the Plaza Website for showtimes.  View trailer here.

A LEGEND OF WHITEY - a CIFF audience favourite - is currently screening across the country and will be playing at The Globe Theatre from October 28th – Nov 4th. The buddy comedy takes place in the Wild West and features Loose Moose alums – and we can’t forget stars the cult classic Fubar –Dave Lawrence and Paul Spence as two half-brothers on the run with a sacred white buffalo.  This film is full of laughs and local celebrities.

STARBUCK - CIFF's People's Choice Award winner will be playing Sunday to Wednesday at the Uptown.  This crowd-pleasing comedy is about a man who may have fathered 533 children through anonymous sperm bank contributions.

Trafalgar French Tour contest winner announced

Drum roll please...we are excited to announce the contest winner for Trafalgar Tours' 10-day 'Wonderful France, Food & Film holiday'! A big congratulations to Malynne Steiert! You will be off to discover an in-depth regional tour of France, which includes a stop in Cannes and St. Tropez. Thank you to everyone who entered, and if you're thinking of a get-away check out the last minute deals' for Trafalgar's guided tours.

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