Friday, October 14, 2011

Model Milk

Model Milk

The old Model Milk building

Everyone knows how important it is to meet daily calcium requirements.

While the new Model Milk no longer specializes in milk products (the historical building once housed a dairy of the same name), it does serve all the food groups in a space that pays homage to its former tenant and offers a lively bistro-style atmosphere.

Whet your whistles with the Bees Knees Slurpee ($12), a sharp gin and tonic, before starting with Calamari Fricassée ($13) and Chanterelles (a poached egg over mushrooms, $14). Move on to mouthwatering fried chicken ($21) with chives and Manchego fries ($6), then cap the evening off with a chocolate ice cream sandwich ($9) and lemon and thyme pot au crème ($9).

Now that’s calcium fortified.

Model Milk
308 17 Ave., S.W.

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