Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lucy Lost Her Heart

Today I bought my tickets to Theater Junctions production of Lucy Lost Her Heart. This is a second time around for this postmodern fairytale that investigates identity, lost memory and the game of truth and lies.
It's playing for a short time, from March 14th till March 17th.

The town of Lucy has strangely disappeared. Its inhabitants retreated into the tunnels of the abandoned mine and now they are stuck, suspended in time, caught like flies in honey. Pocahontas, Lost Soldier, FLIP, Red, Pierre, and a prehistoric bear wander through dark corridors haunted by history, attempting to understand where they are and how they might find a way out.

Lucy Lost Her Heart interrogates the violence of the past in relation to the possibilities for the future. Can our desire to “return home” lead us through the pain and anxiety of what the future might hold? The underground city of Lucyland opens onto a surreal landscape of stories and dreams as the characters attempt to understand their new reality, and to reinterpret themselves in a world where inventing stories makes the future possible.
Wide open, spare—equal parts beautiful and unnervingly empty.
Calgary Herald
Theatre Junction’s company of artists is a performance ensemble formed by Mark Lawes, Theatre Junction’s founder and artistic director. The ensemble is comprised of a unique combination of people, skills, disciplines and backgrounds, featuring actors, dancers, musicians and a sculptor. Together they fuse creative languages that reflect the multiplicity of the public and the many different points of view that are at the essence of our changing world. After premièring Lucy Lost Her Heart at Theatre Junction GRAND in March 2011, Theatre Junction was invited to Usine C in Montreal to be a part of their 2011–2012 season of international performance. Before taking their meditation on death, desire and the Canadian west on the road, Lucy Lost Her Heart will be re-created in Calgary as part of the 2011/12 season.
Haunting, catastrophic, addicting — this performance covers all bases.
Lifestyle Magazine

Mar.14, 2012 to Mar.17, 2012
8 p.m.
$20 - $40.75
Theatre Junction Grand
At 608 1st St. S.W.

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