Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shoe Repair

Here are Calgary’s best shoe shops to restore your soles.

Alpine Shoe Service
This is the place to take your designer shoes! (It’s where Holt Renfrew sends any couture footwear in need of TLC.)
Alpine Shoe Service; 1225 Kensington Rd. N.W.; 403-283-5224

Shoemasters Southcentre Shoe Repair
If it’s leather that’s in need of repair, then this isthe place to go.
Shoemasters Southcentre Shoe Repair, Southcentre Mall; 142-100 Anderson Rd. S.E.; 403-278-0722

Acadia Shoe Repair
Not only does this shop repair our soles, but they stock tons of shoe accessories, too.
Acadia Shoe Repair; 335 Heritage Dr. S.E.; 403-255-0704

Canyon Meadows Shoe Repair
This shop can tackle anything, from the newest of shoes to the oldest. They’ll keep those vintage boots looking brand new.
Canyon Meadows Shoe Repair; 11625 Elbow Dr. S.W.; 403-251-1150

Richmond Shoe Repairs and Alterations
This one-stop-shop does both shoe repair and clothing alternations.
Richmond Shoe Repairs and Alterations; 2917 Richmond Rd. S.W.; 403-246-1643

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