Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Calgary Jane’s Walk 2012

Brought to my attention by the always informative and quickly becoming one of my favorite people in the social networking world, Mr YYC wrote a post about Jane's Walk in Calgary for 2012.

Here are a few of my favorite walks as posted by Mr. YYC:

Guided by Jing Grace Wang
Want to know more about Chinese culture but never got a chance to visit China? Chinatown tour will be the best choice for you! Chinatown is a small reflection of China embedded in brilliant culture and exuberant history. We have murals that are painted to fight the graffiti in Chinatown, and in turn shares stories of how the Chinese started its roots in Calgary. The 100-year old Canton building, “dinning block” that serves tons of amazing traditional Chinese food, The Chinese Cultural Centre that holds lots of great Chinese events, Sien Lok Park that is always promoting Chinese language, philosophies and culture, and The Dragon City Mall that runs different business related to Chinese culture, these are all fantastic places you don’t want to miss!
Guided by Paul Chambers
Don’t know where to get that unusual ingredient or favourite treat? The Beltline has a food store for that!
We’ll spend two hours exploring the diverse range of specialty food and grocery stores in the Beltline, all within walking distance of each other. We’ll meet the passionate owners and staff who contribute to the Beltline’s unique gastronomic culture. We’ll learn the history of the stores, where they source their products and even get some tips for cooking your dinner!
We’ll be visiting Community Natural Foods, Epiphany Chocolate, Kalamata Grocery (Greek), Matrioshka Grocery (Russian), Boyd’s Lobster Shop, Rustic Sourdough Bakery, Janice Beaton Fine Cheese & Wine Ink.
Guided by Jason Markusoff
In a city with a mythology of risk-takers, dusty shelves are full of proposals and blueprints that promised a very different-looking Calgary. This walk starts at the Prince’s Island Museum that never existed, retraces the path of the expressway that almost flattened Eau Claire and Chinatown, and ends near the canal that didn’t dissect East Village. We’ll ponder how these alternative realities would have transformed our city.
[This walk reminds me of a post I did in 2009]

For further details check out the inspiration for this post Mr. YYC's post on Jane's Walk
Or Check the Jane's Walk site for info on all the tours.

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