Monday, August 27, 2012

Hipster Love Story: Gotye with Chairlift & Jonti

You may have heard, Gotye is coming to calgary. If you've listen to the rest of the album you'll understand that there is more to the band then just a catchy break-up song. That's not what I'm here to tell you though, there are two bands opening up for Gotye... one of them being Chairlift.
Be prepared for a great mood lifter with the likes of this new song from Chairlift. It just makes you want to dance carefree through a library just like the cast of Breakfast Club. Catchy, poppy and the perfect way to kick off your work week, here’s “I Belong in Your Arms”

Sounds like a hipsters love affair if you ask me. I'm kind of excited for this.



Details: Gotye, Chairlift, Jonti

10 Corral Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2W1
Wed, Aug 29, 2012 08:00 PM

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