Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Evil Dead: the musical

It's back and covered in blood... again. If you were in Calgary about 4 years ago, walking downtown on a warm August night, you may have experienced it. Handfuls of people laughing and gallivanting around, participating in all types of debauchery...wearing white shirts covered in blood. Ruby red, sticky, washable blood.

That was the summer when Evil Dead: the musical first came to town with it's campy lyrics and splatter zone, it was the hottest ticket in town. Those of us who went became greedy, going not just once but sometimes three of four times causing the production to hold over an extra month due to the popularity and demand. It was fantastic.

Embrace the mess and wear your best white shirt. Buy your tickets in the splatter zone. Should you feel a little shy about it, there are plenty of seats out of reach. Just remember, messy is more fun.

Starting August 14th
Tickets range from $25 and up

located at the Pumphouse Theater on 2140 Pumphouse Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T3CTP5

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