Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Date Heaven

Avenue Magazine just posted a cute little article on the 8 Perfect Places for a First Date which I think is a pretty solid selection. I have been on many first dates and one of my favorite things to look for is something other than dinner. Trust me, I love to go out and eat but if you are meeting someone for the first time, sometimes you don't want to sit through a 6 course meal together.
I also like to dress down. I wear less make-up and maybe stay out of heels. It's silly, but I think if a man likes me as a normal person then he'll really like what he sees when I get dressed up.
Going to a place like National on 10th (341-10th Ave SW Calgary AB, 403 474 2739, info@ntnl.ca)
is wicked because they have so many other things (Ping pong, Fuzz ball and soon Bowling!) to do including an exclusive whisky room if you want to get a little closer.
Punk Rock Bingo is a solid choice too or even The Oak Tree Tavern for their Sunday Stu's Big Surf Bing and sometimes they have movie nights on Monday where you can eat candy and watch corny films and get drunk.
I once had an afternoon date on a Saturday on the patio of the Palomino. It was beautiful and casual and you can eat bacon wrapped corn on the cob and listen to awesome music as you learn about your handsome partner across the table.
Nothing takes the pressure off like doing something a little laid back.
Another wicked thing to do is head up to Bowness Park (which, right  now is under major construction) and canoodle in a canoe or paddle boat. If it's winter, you can skate around the lagoon and feel majestic. Once you've worked up an appetite being active, head to Cadence Coffee or for something a little more special NOtaBLE (that's only if you really like each other).
These are just some of my basic suggestions to get you past the awkward times. Finding places with games and a casual atmosphere is ideal I think. But I guess that's if you want to date someone like me.

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