Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shameless Friend Promotion: Help Send Spaceman Zac to Space Camp

My friend Zac wants to go to space and live on Mars. He's not scared to admit it, he's not scared to do it. As long as I have known Zac, he's had a driving passion to make the world better, to make things better and doing it all through his complex faith in science. I've always been impressed with Zac's ambition to hit his goals straight on, plowing through walls as though they are made of marshmallow fluff when in reality, to me they looked like granite.
How can you not want to support a man who uses his life so fully to pursue his dreams.
Check out Zac's campaign here and while you're at it, help send him to Space Camp.

Also, on Friday May 30th you can catch Zac at The Odyssey Coffeehouse for Space Chat and BBQ
Tickets and more info can be found here!

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